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Video Wall Output

June 13, 2018 Design Technology 0

Providing information for the audience is an important part of the data center’s work at every competition. The ticker website and a special view for the speaker can be used by all competitions, but some events are lucky enough to have large video walls like this one at Icehorse Festival in Denmark:

Video wall output by IceTestNG (courtesy of Andreas Hejndorf)

A giant screen like the one in the photograph can be used for different types of output like video feeds from the track, advertising, or info screens about the ongoing program.

IceTestNG comes with several pre-defined output screens, for example

  • Information on the current test like name, test code, and sponsor.
  • Startlists (with several “pages”).
  • Info on the current rider or the current group (that’s the one pictured above).
  • Results of the current rider or the current group.
  • “Lower Thirds” output as overlay for video feeds of a test.
  • Results (with several “pages”).
  • Section results (for finals).

The output can easily be customized to match the design of an event: Organizers can edit colors, fonts, logo and other elements.

You see: There’s no excuse not to rent a 15 x 10 meter video wall for your event when you’re using IceTestNG… 😉