IceTestNG 2.6 released

Software for Icelandic horse events

IceTestNG 2.6 released

February 4, 2020 Development 0

We are happy to announce the release of IceTestNG 2.6 today.

This release contains over 30 fixes and new functions, and quite a few of those have been made after the great feedback we got from IceTestNG users at our mini conference in Hannover in January.

Here’s the list of fixed tickets mentioned in the release notes for 2.6:

  • [NEW] Confirmation dialog when removing tests (issue 551)
  • [NEW] Add new participant status values: SELFCHECKIN and PENDING (issue 540)
  • [NEW] Expose starting numbers in results side of marks entry (issue 536)
  • [NEW] Add feifid to the list of columns in the combinations overview (issue 532)
  • [NEW] Expose combination comments on speaker screen (issue 531)
  • [NEW] Move print button on marks entry page (issue 522)
  • [NEW] Show test name in bold (large) font in marks entry headline (issue 521)
  • [NEW] Decorate riders with more than one horse in a final (issue 519)
  • [NEW] Show participant status on startlist (issue 518)
  • [NEW] Quick nav between marks entry, start list and results for current test (issue 516)
  • [NEW] Add column specific search for data tables (issue 505)
  • [NEW] Allow resizing of popovers (issue 502)
  • [NEW] Add FEIF ID when searching horses to make a new starting combination (issue 499)
  • [NEW] Import complex time schedule from Excel (issue 496)
  • [FIX] Cannot assign default judges for the whole competition (issue 549)
  • [FIX] Don’t include riders who have marks in the secretary marks start list (issue 545)
  • [FIX] New persons not flowing back to new combination (issue 525)
  • [FIX] Results with more than one page missing page header (issue 524)
  • [FIX] Judges missing on printed results where combinations have withdrawn (issue 523)
  • [FIX] Sorting errors in group start lists (issue 517)
  • [FIX] Printing invoices generates blank second page (issue 510)
  • [FIX] Check datatable filter persistence (issue 509)
  • [FIX] Preserve location in datatable while editing (issue 506)
  • [FIX] New balance not updating (issue 495)
  • [FIX] Phase state in P1 with only two heats (issue 492)
  • [FIX] Error sorting start list for heated tests (issue 483)
  • [UPDATE] Filter variables, products, and competitions for normal users (issue 515)
  • [UPDATE] loading FEIF judges (issue 537)




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