Software for Icelandic horse events

IceTestNG aims to combine powerful features with ease of use. At the same time we tried to re-think how software can be put to good use for managing Icelandic horse competitions of every size and level.

Core Functionality

  • Manage any number of competitions.
  • Use international (FEIF), national, and self-defined tests.
  • Manage participating persons and horses.
  • Manage test entries.
  • Print overview of all combinations (e.g. for program booklets).
  • Create, edit, and publish startlists.
  • Print judge cards.
  • Enter marks, times, and cards.
  • Publish results both locally and on the internet.
  • Support for multiple languages.

Extended Functions

  • Connect to online services to retrieve information on horses, riders, entries, qualifications, or judges.
  • Create logins with specific permissions for your coworkers. Supported roles include speaker, data center personell, judges, and more.
  • Modify report designs for startlists, results, etc.
  • Push startlists and results to our online service almost in real time.
  • Create data feeds for video walls and other public screens.

Installation types

There are two different types of setups for IceTestNG: web-based and local installations.

Web-based usage

All you need is a reasonably modern browser and a connection to the internet.

Once you received your login information, you can use IceTestNG during every phase of your competition: Preparation, entering participants, preparing startlists, printing judgecards, entering marks, publishing results… everything happens online.

A web-based setup also means you don’t have to worry about creating backups: All competition data is stored on a secured server with automated backups. You can switch computers all the time and still have access to all your competitions, riders, and marks.

Local installation

If there’s no reliable internet connection available at an event location, you might prefer to run a local installation of IceTestNG.

Local installations require a computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, or Linux. They are provided as virtual machine images (VMIs) for Oracle’s free VirtualBox software.

Once you started up the VMI, you can access IceTestNG with your browser on both your local machine and other devices connected to the same local network.

An internet connection is required for some tasks like updating rules or looking up horse and rider information based on FEIF-IDs.